Product Care Knowledge

Care Tips On Delivery

Be careful when cutting open the plastic wrap and make sure not to insert the knife too deeply as your custom made lounge is close to the surface in all areas.

Before a lounge reaches your home it has gone through a long journey. This may temporarily affect the aesthetic appearance of the product including some evidences of pressure. Before using it for the first time and even after repeated use it is quite normal to adjust and align both the seat and back cushions.

What To Expect With Use

During the first few months of the life of Polyurethane foam, the foam tends to get softer and then stabilizes. This is quite normal. The pressure applied on the foam breaks the struts that make Polyurethane. This breaking of the struts results in a slight softening effect. For the reasons mentioned above, it is quite normal for two pieces purchased at the same time to give a different feel. This property will disappear after a few months of even and proper use. Creases may be observed after the use. These creases are normal and depend on the settling of leather and material.

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